Improving Visual Performance

What Is Visual Performance?

Visual performance is your ability to perform visual tasks at an optimal level. It’s influenced by several factors, including:

  • Macular optical pigment
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

Our ability to perform visually depends on how well we perceive the details of a visual task. Factors that influence the visibility of task details include contrast, glare, luminance, and object size.

  • Contrast: The difference in color or luminance that helps make an object distinguishable.
  • Glare: Difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light.
  • Luminance: Visual performance requires adequate light.
  • Object Size: Larger objects or objects closer to our eyes are easier to see.

Now that we understand what influences visual performance, let’s look at an example of when optimal visual performance is needed.

Let’s look at baseball. The majority of us can see a fastball – whether we’re watching a game in person or on TV. That doesn’t mean our visual performance is optimal, it means we can see the ball. How do we measure visual performance in this example? By how quickly the batter reacts to that fastball. The baseball could be traveling anywhere between 85 and 95 mph directly at the batter – he better be able to react not only quickly but accurately. That’s visual performance. A batter’s ability to see the details of the pitch, the baseball, how fast it’s traveling, and then react with immense accuracy.

How Does Sniper Sharp Improve Visual Performance?

Jumping back to the first bullet point, macular optical pigment greatly influences visual performance. In fact, scientific research supports the idea that a higher macular pigment density significantly improves visual functions like sensitivity to glare and contrast. Sniper Sharp is specially formulated and scientifically proven to enhance macular pigment density not in some people, but everyone.

The effectiveness of Sniper Sharp on all people, not just some, is statistical fact. This doesn’t necessarily mean the effectiveness of the supplement will be the same person to person – it means that on some level, your visual performance will be improved. Height, weight, and metabolism are all factors to consider when discussing the effectiveness of a supplement. Regardless, on some level, every single person will see an improvement in their visual performance when supplementing with Sniper Sharp. You’ll react quicker and with much more accuracy to the visual stimuli around you.

There’s no pharmaceutical alternative to this product – and no diet could provide you with the same level of nutrients. The average person in the United States gets about two milligrams a day of the three carotenoids found in Sniper Sharp (Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin). This product provides you with 22 milligrams of these carotenoids – the exact amount needed in a 24-hour period to build up your macula on a daily basis. Most of us aren’t even getting one-tenth of the nutrition needed for our eyes. Sniper Sharp is the solution – not some of the time, all the time. And not just for some, but for everyone.

Stay tuned for future blog posts where we’ll be diving more into the topic of nutrition!

Image Credit: Amanda Caldwell

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