Sniper Sharp – Subscription

$24.99 every 30 days



With the carotenoids and omega-3 fish oil in Sniper Sharp working together, the result is an unbeatable combination. You’ll never miss your mark.


How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

Scientific studies show significant improvement in as little as 8 weeks, while we recommend 6 months to 1 year of continuous supplementation for optimal results. Since Sniper Sharp works to build your macular pigment in the back of your retina over time, you can monitor enhancements in your visual performance via contrast sensitivity testing from an eye care professional.

What differences may I start to notice with my vision?

Over time, improving macular pigment levels will help with reducing glare, enhancing contrast sensitivity, protecting from negative blue light damage, increasing visual processing speed and reaction time, reducing digital eye strain, and improving sleep quality.

How big are the capsules?

Sniper Sharp is just one, small, easy-to-swallow softgel per day. Feedback from consumers is that it is smaller than most industry comparable supplements.

Can diet alone provide the same levels of carotenoids as Sniper Sharp?

No. The American diet provides on average, less than 2 mg/day of macular carotenoid nutrition. Sniper Sharp contains 22 mg of highly bioavailable Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Meso-Zeaxanthin, levels shown to provide therapeutic benefits to patients which cannot be achieved through diet alone.

What kind of testing do you do on Sniper Sharp?

Sniper Sharp undergoes rigorous testing, meeting the high-quality assurance standards of both NSF and Informed Sport. Every batch and every lot number is thoroughly tested and we are proud to ensure Sniper Sharp holds both NSF and Informed sport certifications.