The Importance Of Reaction Time and Other Benefits


You see an animal crossing the road, your heart starts pounding and you quickly realize that you aren’t able to break fast enough. This is a real world example involving reaction time that most of us can relate to.

Hunters, fisherman, and shooters rely on their reaction time in order to perform well. Sometimes, they only have a split second to react, and if they don’t, they miss their target. Whether it’s a deer on the run, clay pigeon, or the twitch of a fishing rod, reaction time is crucial. 

Sniper Sharp is designed to enhance visual performance and reaction time. For example, when supplementing with Sniper Sharp, a batter would be able to hone in on a 90 mph fastball 10 – 11 inches sooner than he would without Sniper Sharp. It may not seem like much, but this improvement makes a significant difference when it comes to performance. There are several factors that play a role in reaction time – glare, contrast, depth perception, etc. Sniper Sharp gives people the ability to process these things much quicker and much more accurately. So when it comes time to hit the breaks or shoot your target, you’ll be ready.


Those who participate in shooting sports understand that shooting performance depends on visual performance. Everything from depth perception, color, blue light, glare, low light, and high light all play a role in visual performance and reaction time. These individuals get it because they’ve been directly affected by these factors. They’ve missed prized animals by judging distance wrong or have missed their targets because of lighting conditions. So when we present them with a product that speaks their language, they’re all ears! 



Most of us have heard of glaucoma or cataracts – these issues take place in the front of the eyes. When someone gets treated for these problems, the focus of treatment is solely on that front portion of the eye. What makes Sniper Sharp unique is that it’s designed for the back of the eye – the beginning of your central nervous system. Not only does this product provide tremendous benefits for this part of the eye, but it also gives an extra layer of protection for the front of the eye. So individuals who’ve been treated for glaucoma or cataracts can greatly benefit from Sniper Sharp.

For example, when someone gets cataract surgery, they typically get what’s called an Inner Ocular Lens (IOL) put into their eye. When this IOL needs to be replaced, the eye temporarily loses a barrier of blue light protection. Sniper Sharp can provide that extra blue light protection. So whether you’re taking Sniper Sharp for performance or protection, we guarantee you’ll see results!

Order your first bottle of Sniper Sharp today and experience the difference for yourself!

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