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We've worked with scientists and optometrists to ensure that Sniper Sharp provides the best vision supplement on the market. Sniper Sharp is currently supported by over 300 peer-reviewed publications and is clinically proven to improve eye health and visual performance.

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Reduced Glare

Glare is the temporary loss of visual performance in the presence of bright light. Glare can be a "halo" around light sources or seen when light reflects off smooth surfaces such as water or snow. As your MP levels increase, your eye is able to absorb this light quickly which means faster glare recovery time.

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contrast sensitivity

Contrast sensitivity is the eye’s ability to see fine detail and detect and define edges to distinguish the foreground from the background. Contrast sensitivity is especially important in situations of low light, fog or glare. When you have increased MP levels, you can better discern your target from their surroundings.

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Reaction time

There are several factors that play a role in reaction time – glare, contrast, depth perception, etc. Sniper Sharp gives people the ability to process these things much quicker and much more accurately. So when it comes time to shoot your target, you’ll be ready.

benefits of sniper sharp

increased visual performance

Sniper Sharp is clinically proven to enhance contrast sensitivity, decrease glare disability, enhance cognitive functions and reaction times, and positively impact shooting and sports performance.

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